Friday, August 13, 2010

So you want to keep it Up, In and Tight?


After years of being involved in running, fitness, healthy eating, etc., I decided to start up a blog. The title of this blog is literally what I said one day in response to a question. "Why do you work out so much?" "Well, I have to keep everything Up, In and Tight!". And so began a mantra of sorts that women of all ages and health/fitness backgrounds can relate to.

A little about me:
- I am a California girl (no copyright infringement intended Beach Boys!) who grew up riding horses and enjoying the sunshine.

- I am a Pescetarian. I eat fish from sustainable sources (Monterey Bay Aquarium's sustainable fish list: Otherwise I am a vegetarian. I generally believe in eating whole, unprocessed foods.

- I am an avid runner. I have run half marathons and am in training for a full marathon this Spring. Triathlon will be next Summer's adventure.

- I love to explore new sports and fitness activities. I love input and feedback about new fun activities, so please, if you find a sport/ activity you enjoy, post away!!

- I lost fair amount of weight through diet tracking (it's ALL about the CALORIES!) and exercise. I love to help others with tips that have worked for me. There will be a "Tips" section on this blog, so please share yours!

- I have learned to LOVE food. By love I mean savor, appreciate and enjoy food. I try not to eat things that contain ingredients NASA must have engineered.

So, there. This is a work-in-progress and will hopefully become a place where all can share, vent and support in a quest to keep our bodies Up, In and Tight!


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